Sunday, 22 September 2013

Sunday Experiments: Messy Mattifying & Saran

OK my lovelies if you read the blog you'll see that I picked up Essie Matte About You last week so to day was really messing around with that and seeing what I could get it to do.

I first tried it on over my manicure for this week which I think looks hot (apart from the bodged bit), its one of the Autumm designs!... Anyway I also tried out some patters with the Matte about you... read on if you're interested:

1 & 2) Trying to do quilted: This didn't go to well... I think that I need to get a better detail brush. I tried making lines by dipping a dotting tool in and dragging it through, and tried one putting the top coat on and gently dragging through to try and remove the top coat.

3) I tried to do polkadot matt... This was subtle... I think it might work better with other colours though so will have to do some more experimentation for you next weekend.
4, 5 & 6) I did Saran wraps as I had never done them before, think they look really arty - they're super easy to do and just yum... I did 2 layers of colour, then took some scrunched up cling film, dipped ina puddle of varnish and dabbed away :D
7, 8 & 9) So I tried Saran wrapping with the Matte About You...Just ended up mattifying the whole thing pretty much (by accident) not sure this is an effective technique... It might look better if I used it after a gloss top coat... another thing to look back at.
Sorry there isn't much this week; Next week I'm revisiting my mattifying experiments and I Will conquer water marbling...
World Peace .\/..

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