Friday, 25 October 2013

BNB: Breast Cancer Awareness - Day 5, Manicure 5

Last but not least a little bit of love
a Big thank you to Pish Posh and Polish and Nail Parade who have helped organise this fantastic week!
Click below for another pic and for links to the other lovely ladies who have taken part! 

Thursday, 24 October 2013

BNB: Breast Cancer Awareness - Day 4, Manicure 4

So my boyfriend helped me with design, very cutesy!
Click below for another pic and a link to all the other participating blogs...

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

BNB: Breast Cancer Awareness - Day 3, Manicure 3

These are the other lovely ladies taking part in this awareness week very jel of some of the manicures have come out this - perfect for a Pink Princess!
Breast Cancer Awareness Nail-Supporters
Pish Posh and Polish
Pish Posh and Polish
Nail Parade!
Nail Parade
No More Nail Polish Mum!
No More Nail Polish Mum!
Monkey Nails
Monkey Nails
Emma's Little Corner
Emma's Little Corner
The Pink PrincessZ
The Pink PrincessZ
Life in Lacquer
Life in Lacquer
Neon Sparkly Nails
Neon Sparkly Nails
Click below to see what I did for my manicure today...
(P.S if you like dot's you'll love this)

BNB: Breast Cancer Awareness - Day 2, Manicure 2

So this is my day 2 manicure (better late than never!)...
Click below for another pic and links to all the lovely British Nail Bloggers Taking Part!

Barry M 3 for £6

Last night I went to one of the big local tescos and Barry M was 3 for £6 - bare in mind it's not on 3 for 2 at Boots or Super drug at the moment...
Below is the Super drug limited edition "dust" which has gold and rose gold flecks. Not my normal style but nice for autumn and I'm now on a mission to collect the LDES!

Monday, 21 October 2013

BNB: Breast Cancer Awareness - 1st Day

Some of the ladies from the British Nail Bloggers are doing 5 days 5 manicures to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer as October is the awareness month! (My inlinkz will be up tomorrow)
So this is my Breast Cancer awareness Dotticure...

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Barbie on a Budget: Cheap Cheats, UK Bargain Buys and Treat of the Week.


Cheap Cheats

So this isn't the cheapest cheat in the world but is considerably cheaper than going out and buying different Matte Colour Varnishes.
Get a Matte Varnish!
You're not restricted colour wise and you can turn any colour in your collection matte. I love my matte polish and I've already done some experiments and designs with it!
There should be some more experiments this Sunday so keep your eyes peeled!
I recommend Matte About You - Essie £7.99 @ Superdrug.


Bargain of the week:
Maybelline  -  3 for £7 @ Boots

This is by far the Best Bargain of the week... in my eyes - the deal on 17 is good, but I swear the pots are smaller? And Maybelline is still cheaper!

Bargain Buys:
Barry M Website has 30% off till Saturday Night!

Models Own -B1G11/2price
L'Oreal - B1G11/2price
Maybelline - B1G11/2price
Rimmel - 3 for 2
2 True - 3 for £5
Oh My Gosh (GOSH minis) - 3 for £5
Bourjois - 2 for £7
Beauty UK - 2 for £5
Accessorize - 2 for £5
Make Up Academy - 2 for £5
Max Factor - Saving available
Sally Hansen- Saving available
Revlon - Saving available
B. - Saving available


Maybelline - 3 for £7
Bourjois - 2 for £7
Rimmel - 2 for £5
Seventeen - 3 for £10
Selected Miss Sporty - 2 for £3
Select Max Factor - 3 for 2
Selected Maybelline - 3 for 2
Barry M - Free Gift*
Models Own - Free Gift*
No 7 - Free Gift*
Rimmel - Free Gift*
Selected Revlon - Save £2

Treat of the week:

Barry M Limited Edition - £3.99 @ Boots & Superdrug 
I couldn't find a picture but I think there are 4 Limited editions this winter - Diamond Glitter, Gold Dust and a couple of others - I will be showing one on my blog this weekend/very soon so keep your eyes peeled.

Hope you Enjoyed this post again!
Let me know if you have any questions and if there is anything you'd like to see featured in Budget- Style.

World Peace .\/..

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Halloween Ideas...

I was really un inspired the other day so I thought if I did some Halloween Nails it might kick start me in the right direction. I really like Bewitched and Pumpkin Patch - Will probably be doing bewitched as I am a sucker for Navy and Gold combos...

The idea is to have the Witches Silhouette (Bundle Monster StampAgainst the Moon - all other nails should look like the Night's Sky ;) awww...
(I used an MUA midnight blue and Barry M - Yellow Topaz)

Monday, 14 October 2013

This Weeks Mani: Barry M Princess & Roses...

On first sight You Might Not Think They're Roses... think of this as abstract art... Anyway this is the Mani I'm "Reppin'" this week!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sunday Experiments... OK it was more technique and colours... *New Pics*

I have Missed Blogging So Much - seeing cool things/getting inspired/learning about new techniques/effects/polishes. I've Missed Buying nail Varnish, and reading the very few and rare comments I get - I love them.

Anyway this is just a Short but Sweet Mess Around I had today - will be uploading pictures of the individual nails soon. The Lighting in the Kitchen is Terrible, but I have asked for a light box for Christmas.

Pics in article are better...