Sunday, 13 October 2013

Sunday Experiments... OK it was more technique and colours... *New Pics*

I have Missed Blogging So Much - seeing cool things/getting inspired/learning about new techniques/effects/polishes. I've Missed Buying nail Varnish, and reading the very few and rare comments I get - I love them.

Anyway this is just a Short but Sweet Mess Around I had today - will be uploading pictures of the individual nails soon. The Lighting in the Kitchen is Terrible, but I have asked for a light box for Christmas.

Pics in article are better...

Top Left: Is the new Barry M Princess with a hot pink tip from MUA
Top Middle: I guess it's a bit like coffee blend, I was hoping to make it look more leafy - will work on this.
Top Right: My Attempt at roses on a neutral background (wait till you see the close up... aha)
Bottom Left: Icicles - ok its a little early but I think this will kick ass at Christmas, might try it with gold and Barry M Yellow Topaz next week!
Bottom Middle: More brown and Autumn colours... pretty sure this effect is called Waterfall.
Bottom Left: I didn't know whether to do more or less colours but I thought it was PDS (Pretty Darn Sexy).

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