Monday, 10 February 2014

Monday Mani - Thought it was Wednesday

This picture doesn't do my mani any justice, it's lovely and happy and just what you need at the start of a busy week.

So not with it I was about to label this mid-week mani!

Read on to find out what I've used...

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Flying rats ♡

I know I've mentioned my lack of inspiration recently, but I got some this morning from the lovely pigeons!

The detail is a little off but I think you can get the jist.
I used grey miss sporty gloss, Barry M grey, born pretty holo and rio pro detail pen.
How's it look?
Peace and love the Pink_PrincessZ xxx

Thursday, 6 February 2014

I fell off the horse...

Not a Real Horse the Blogging Horse, between working,  living and partying (with not so polished pinkies) I have just not had the time,  the dedication or motivation.

To be honest it's been so long no one's probably going to read this post.

Anyway one of my techniques to get back on the horse is to come up with a design for each nail art gem I have. And tonight was Pearls, Matthew!

So pretty simple design, not sure whether it would of looked better in a straight line down the middle,  probably, oh heignseight!

The gems were from a topshop gem wheel and I used Barry M Cosmo Berry as the base and a clear top coat.

What do you guys do with these pearls?  Post me links to your manis or inspire me!

Lots of love && peace ♡

The Pink_PrincessZ  xxx