Saturday, 31 August 2013

Tehehe: Barry M Buys & Review

I <3 Barry M
It's that simple, I'm that sad.
Sorry to post the pic again but if you didn't see the Bad Boys I picked up Last Week:

Friday, 30 August 2013

Catch Up: Festival Nails, New Purchases and New Job.

Apologies, I've been a Naughty Blogger.

Yes I went and got the Neon Pink, Barry M Summer Limited Edition from Boots, but that isn't why I've been naughty....

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Barbie on a Budget: Cheap Cheats, UK Bargain Buys and Treat of the Week

Thursday, Thursday got to get down on Thursday.... With a bargain...

Cheap Cheats
You can't afford varnish? I don't believe you... Everyone can afford varnish... But if you insist on being stingy here's how to make your varnishes go the extra mile:

1) More coats - Thinner layers:

 If you like having your nails painted you should already know it's not all about slopping on a thick layer, it's getting good thin even coverage and building the layers up. Drying time is quicker, your nails are less likely to smudge and you don't waste as much varnish...

2) Gloopy Polish - Get a Thinner:

OK Sorry. You have to pay (£6) for this one... but well worth the money. If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well. I'm sure you have all been told to add nail varnish remover to gloopy nail varnishes. Don't. This is pretty hit and miss - trust me I know... what you need to get is a Nail Varnish Thinner, Specially Designed to Battle the Gloop!
 ( )

3) Keep your cool - Fridge it!

(So Jessica from takes it a bit to extreme's..

A chemist said so!  "The cosmetic chemist Mort Westman explains that refrigeration reduces solvent evaporation and pigment caking and settling." Put that in your pipe and smoke it... It Extends the Life Time of your varnish and Maintains the Colour, so it's not good putting your gloopy stuff in their, but a good way to Look After any Special Buys!

Bargain of the week:

Models Own - 2 for £8 @ Boots

Did you use to get those Fingo Scented Gel Pens at school? I still do, I order them off of amazon... Anyways! Models Own are doing Scented Varnishes AND their part of the 2 for £8 offer, which is a little out of my budget... but it has too be done?!

Bargain Buys:

Bargain buys @

2 True - 2 for £6
Accessorize - 2 for £5 (Selected)
Andrea Fulterton -
B. - Buy 1 Get 1 1/2 Price
Barry M - 3 for 2
Bourjois - Buy 1 Get 1 1/2 Price
Collection 2000 - Discounted (Selected)
GOSH - Buy 1 Get 1 1/2 Price
L'oreal - 3 for 2
Look -  2 for £6
MaX Factor - Discounted (Selected Minatures)
Maybelliene - 2 for £5 (Selected)
MUA Pro - 2 for £5 (Selected)
Miss Sporty - 3 for 2
NYC - Discounted (Selected)
Sally Hansen - Discounted nail care
Revlon - Discounted (Selected)
Rimmel - Buy 1 Get 1 1/2 Price

17 - £1.99 & £2.99 (Selected)
Barry M - Buy 1 get 1 half price
Bourjois - 3 for 2 (Selected)
Lancome - Free gift when you buy 2/3 products
L'Oreal - 2 for £14 and £1 off Selected Items
MaxFactor - 3 for 2 (Selected)
Maybelliene - 3 for 2 (Selected)
Miss Sporty - 3 for £5 (Selected)
Models Own - 2 for £8 (Selected)
Natural Collection 3 for £5 (Selected)
No.7 - Buy 1 get 1 half price
Revlon - 2 for £10 
Rimmel - Discounted (Selected)

Treat of the week:
Barry M Yellow Topaz Stone - I bought this the otherday... So So So In-Love, review going up Saturday, gets a mention in tomorrows post too... It is Just Fab. Glams up Any Polish, great for doing Glitter Gradients. Any varnish collections Must -Have! (£2.99 - Boots or Superdrug)

Hope you Enjoyed this post again!
Let me know if you have any questions and if there is anything you'd like to see featured in Budget- Style.

World Peace .\/..

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Barbie on a Budget: Cheap Cheats, UK Bargains and Treat of the Week!

Happy Thursday! If you're still on a budget, fancy a bargain or treat Carry on Reading...

Cheap Cheats
Oh hai! Getting your nails done at the nail bar too pricey? Primarni's fake one's don't last? It's ok I've got this... I have those horrible nails that grow about 3mm... they snap, snag, get that weird cut where it doesn't brake off but it bends if you push it. Yeah ughhh! Anyway so I discovered Kiss Nails, now I was dissapointed with their oval ones, but their Square Falsies are Perfect! 

It's £6.49 for a pack in Superdrug and they should last 4 days minimum once you've got the Knack of It and each pack does 5 Manicures. (Lasts longer/shorter depending on life style). 
The Trick is to put a Little Drop of Glue on the False Nail and run it around so it will go over your nail (not all the way to the tip) and then to put a Small Amount on Your Nail and spread it over... Blow on each gently to Make Taccy then HOLD DOWN! for about 12 seconds, with lots of pressure, make sure its not wonky as well.

Bargain of the week:
Maybelliene - 3 for 2 @ Superdrug (on selected items)
So not as cheap as Miss Sporty, but your still getting 3 bottles of varnish for less than one bottle of Essie... need I say more!
The only thing that seems to be excluded is some of the effects.
They have a great range of colours, perfect for next season with Bold Rainbow Colours and dark 'Bite Me' Colours too... is that normal? 'Bite me' colours? Anyway, get on this! £6

Bargain Buys:

Bargain buys @

2 True - 3 for £5
Accessorize - 2 for £5
Andrea Fulterton - Discounted (Selected)
B. - Discounted (Selected)
Barry M - 2 for £6 (Selected)
Bourjois - 3 for 2
GOSH - Crackling for £1!
L'oreal - 3 for 2
Look -  2 for £6 (Selected)
MaX Factor - 3 for 2
Maybelliene - 3 for 2

MUA Pro - 2 for £5 (on fur effects & constellations)
Miss Sporty - 3 for 2
NYC - 2 for £3
Sally Hansen - Discounted nail care
Revlon - 2 for £10
Rimmel - Discounted on selected

17 - £1.99 & £2.99 (Selected)
Barry M - Buy 1 get 1 half price & Free LDE Polish with £6 spend
Bourjois - 3 for 2 (Selected), or a free pair of Sunnies (online exclusive)
Lancome - Free gift when you buy 2/3 products

L'Oreal - 2 for £14 and £1 off Selected Items
MaxFactor - 3 for 2 (Selected)
Miss Sporty - 3 for 5 (Selected)
Models Own - 2 for £8
No.7 - But 1 get 1 half price
Revoln - 2 for £10

Treat of the week:
To keep your nails looking hot and on trend Invest in a Mattifying Top Coat! Now this is the
Essie - Matte about you, it's a really cool effect and you should be able to find it at Boots and Superdrug, but their websites aren't displaying the products (slightly irksome).

All different brands are bringing out their own matte-fying top coat so there should be one for what ever budget your on, but Essie is lovely, so if you're going to Treat Yourself go for a Premium Brand like this.

Hope you Enjoyed this post again!
Let me know if you have any questions and if there is anything you'd like to see featured in Budget- Style.

World Peace .\/..

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Summer Nail Art Designs: No.5 Orange Sunset & No.15 Navy Stripes

Ok so this is going ages back to my first Summer Nail Art Designs sheet... I really want to get this finished so I can post and you can see how they're all meant to look (sort of).

So this is No.5 Orange Sunset...

Monday, 19 August 2013

Monday Blues Buy: £3.50 Spent

I managed to spend only £3.50 this week, I know some people that will be proud! I got the studs I wrote about in my Budget Barbie article last week from TopShop:

Sunday, 18 August 2013

18th August - Sunday Experiments - Lazy Sunday

Hi guys, hope you all had a Great Weekend!
I've been very Uninspired and catching up with family in the lounge (not my normal work station) so Apologies for the lack of Experiments, I have just messed about with some stamping for you guys to see this weekend...

I'm going to SW4 next weekend and wanted to come up with something Festivally... No success so far but I've just had a Brain Wave...

Friday, 16 August 2013

Autum/Fall Nail Varnishes Collections: Which collections do you like?

This morning one of the first posts I read was  
where she show cased the Zoya Fall Cashmere Collection, and then I had complete Word Vomit in her comment box about the fall collections I had seen so far, what I rated, and what I didn't.
So I thought I would show everybody whats out there and hopefully hear other peoples opinions...

 The Zoya Fall Collection: Cashmere & PixieDust

(Unfortunately I can't afford to buy and swatch all of the fall collections... one day maybe!)

Last Chance to Win! PMP - Glitter Babies - Scream and Shout Give Away - Ends Midnight

This competition ends at Midnight!

 Reasons why you should enter:
  1. It's a Limited Edition Nail varnish from Pocket Money Polishes, currently only available in this give away...

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Barbie on a Budget: Cheap Cheats, UK Bargains and Treat of the Week

It's Thursday, yay!
I ordered something last Thursday from the States hoping it would turn up this week... but it hasn't so you'll have to wait.
This week is about gradients, studs, discount polishes and beginners kits!
Cheap Cheats
Here is where I try and keep you On Trend for as Cheap as Possible; today we're doing Gradients! Gradients don't have to be colour co-ordinated, just pick three or more nail varnishes and apply to a sponge (see list below) before blending over your nails!

You can use a variety of sponges (or so I've heard) and here is the list:
- Foam Eyeshadow applicator (apply varnishes to the nail, then smudge with this)
- Old/new Make Up sponge
- Kitchen sponge

If your not familiar with the Technique please read my 11th August Sunday Experiments, or YouTube it! I'm willing to do a step by step picture guide if you ask nicely :)

Bargain of the week:
Topshop are sending me mixed messages with their prices... Anyway although some of their range seems completely over priced I really liked this Nail Art Wheel Of Studs

It's only £3.50 similarly priced to anything online, without the age long wait, and will add a bit of Rock'n'Roll glam to any Nail Polish you have!

Following on from the previous Bargain of the week I have done two Budget Buy reviews on Miss Sporty, which you can find further down on my blog...

Bargain Buys:
Nail Art Wheels - £3.50 each
Nail Glitters - £2.40 each (apart from Halo)
Essie Nail Polish - from £3.98
OPI Polishes - from £6.93

Loads of cheap accessories for nail art, but I can't recommend them as I haven't tried yet!

Can't see any change in Boots or Superdrug deals but here is a link to last weeks.

Treat of the week:
After having a nosy round the TopShop site I spotted this, which is a Perfect Kit for nail art beginners:

It's £10 (there is a £7 kit also available), which includes a dotting pen and several styles of brush to help you master your painting and keep them tidy!

Please comment if you have any questions or would like to see anything specific next week!

World Peace .\/..

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Budget Review: Miss Sporty Goth Me Up

Yesterday I posted a review of the Beetle Wings and Glossy Tech polish from the Miss sporty collection. Today I'm talking about the Goth Me Up. I saw this and was quite intrigued, not my normal sort of thing but I wanted to try it out!

I decided to try it on a couple of of colours so I started off with a coat of Miss Sporty Beetle Wings and 34 Hoola Hoop from Collection 2000...

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Budget Review: Miss Sporty Beetle Wings & Glossy Tech

Following on from my last post I managed to fit in time for a quick mani (but not time to post it haha), I'm going to a barbeque tonight so quite glad as I didn't get chance to touch my nails this weekend! I tried out the Metal Flip Beetle Wings and Glossy Tech Varnishes, keep reading to see how we got on...

Monday, 12 August 2013

Monday Blues: Therapy Buy Sneak Preview

I seem to buy stuff every week... there is no point in fighting it anymore, but I will now buy on a Monday to battle the blues!
Last week I pointed out Miss Sporty was on a 3 for 2 offer, so I checked out the range...

Sunday, 11 August 2013

11th August - Sunday Experiments; Dotting, Gradients & Glitter!

Ok I really need to calm down on a Sunday, I just love messing about getting down and dirty with my nails polishes ;) haha! I have done three experiments today for your amusement. (I have also tried to take better piccies for you guys!)

1) So last Thursday...? I posted my first Barbie on a Budget article and I gave people alternatives to  Dotting Pens so I thought I may as well prove my point...

Friday, 9 August 2013

Now on BlogLovin'

After this post you should be able to find and follow me on Blog Lovin', and I hope you do, get such a buzz when people comment of follow!

Let me know about your blog if you have one and I'll be sure to take a look!

World Peace .\/...

The Perfectly Pink Mani!

Ah so I thought I needed to do something Pink for my Profile Pic, as I am the Pink PrincessZ! If you read my Sunday Experiments you'll see I found the perfect combo for my nails to suit my Vera Wang Pink Princess perfume!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Barbie on a Budget: Cheap Cheats, UK Bargains and Treat of the Week

 Hi girls (& guys?), if you like me suffer from insufficent funds for luxurious nail brands I've got it solved. Well I haven't... but I will be writing a post like this every week to help you find bargains, point you in the direction of good buys and let you know of any cheap cheats.

Cheap Cheats
So dots are everywhere ATM and everyone is banging on about these dotting tools, but if you are strapped for cash there are a few cheap ways to do this
1. Old Pens - using the nib of an old pen (make sure it's out of ink) or even the cap (if it's closed).
2. Pins - Use the blunt end, you could even stick the sharp bit into a rubber to give you a bit more control and avoid any pricks! (If life was that simple)
3. Single Dotting  Pen - So this does require spending, but at only $1.99 and with the $ in our favour you shouldn't notice much of a difference (apart from if your bank charges you?), you can pay by pay pal.

Bargain of the week:

Miss Sporty - 3 for 2 @ Superdrug.
For a starter Miss Sporty is cheap, you get a good amount of varnish in a bottle and have you seen the colour range this summer? Easy to keep on trend! (?And yes no<-- wth?) With the 3 for 2 you are effectively getting 3 bottles of nail varnish for £4. Hello Bargain!

Bargain Buys:

Here are the other Nail polish deals on at Superdrug:
2 True - 3 for £5 (looks like it's across entire make up range.)
Barry M - 2 for £6 on nail effects
Bourjois - 3 for 2
L'oreal - 3 for 2
Revlon - 2 for £10
MaX Factor - 3 for 2 (also have mini bottles available which are obvs cheaper and still on deal, love the look of catcus)
Rimmel 60 Second - discounted from £3.69 to £2.19
Look - 2 for £6 (normally £5pb)
MUA - 2 for £5 on nail Effects
Miss Sporty - 3 for 2 (BUDGET BARBIES GET ON THIS!)

Bourjois - 3 for 2 on selected varnishes, or a free pair of Sunnies (online exclusive)
Barry M - Free Limited Ed Polish when you spend £6 (Boots LDE Pink is brighter than superdrugs, fact.)
The other deals are same, similar or better at Superdrug.

Treat of the week:
If your looking to treat yourself to something a bit different I would go for a holographic nail, which can be bought at the born pretty store (picture I pulled from the website, I do not own);

Anyway I hope people enjoyed this post, let me know if you have any questions and if there is anything you'd like to see featured in Budget- Style.

World Peace .\/..

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

No.8 Martini Special & No. 12 Neon Accent Summer Nail Designs

I'm eager to move on to my second nail art designs so here are some pics just to give you the jist of Martini Special and Neon Accent, from the first set. I love doing Neon Accent on my toes, so if I change colour I will just edit this post and add the new colour...

No. 8 Martini Special, would look way better on someone with a tan, or maybe with just a plain dark olive accent.

Monday, 5 August 2013

No.1 - Bumble Bee Summer Nail Art Design

This year I have enrolled on a bee keeping course, which was the inspiration for this design. Originally the white tips were meant to be caviar but I have currently misplaced my Nail Rock Caviar, and will probably have to replace it. With out the caviar it's not to in your face and you could wear it to work...

Sunday, 4 August 2013

4th August - Sunday Experiments - Barry M Confetti, Sequins & Wild Flower Printing

You are being Spoilt this weekend. Sorry for the length of this blog post, I just have so many Pictures to show you! Read more for reviews, mix and matching and flower printing, I really went to town with it haha...

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Hello August!

So I was a bad blogger and blogged maybe 4 times last month? Whoops! but I ran out of nails.... Anyway, I saw some of my college girls last night and attacked them with nail paints, will release the result over the next couple of weeks. Below is the Barry M Croc Burgundy Effect over their Gold Nail Effects varnish, put this up as it wasn't on any of my summer plans, but think it's good mani for show and I think in most places you could get away with it at work!

Although I'm supposedly budgeting I'm on the hunt for the following nail varnishes, I will probably end up with an Essie or Barry M as they are so easy to pic up, but open to suggestions (I don't own any China Glaze or OPI... Yet!):
Pastle (Mint Green)
Navy Blue
A Deep Hot Pink
A Sparkly Hot Pink (to match my new perfume...)

I figure I should really do a Pink Mani for my Display Pic!

My new perfume is Vera Wang Pink Princess, after a little hint my boyf got it for our anniversary which I absolutely love! To me it smells sweet and fruity, or as the boyf says candy! Love it! This is going to join my must haves collection (next to Black XS Pacco Robanne and 1881 Cerruti.)

Please comment with any suggestions and follow, hope everyone is enjoying the sun!

World Peace .\/..