Saturday, 3 August 2013

Hello August!

So I was a bad blogger and blogged maybe 4 times last month? Whoops! but I ran out of nails.... Anyway, I saw some of my college girls last night and attacked them with nail paints, will release the result over the next couple of weeks. Below is the Barry M Croc Burgundy Effect over their Gold Nail Effects varnish, put this up as it wasn't on any of my summer plans, but think it's good mani for show and I think in most places you could get away with it at work!

Although I'm supposedly budgeting I'm on the hunt for the following nail varnishes, I will probably end up with an Essie or Barry M as they are so easy to pic up, but open to suggestions (I don't own any China Glaze or OPI... Yet!):
Pastle (Mint Green)
Navy Blue
A Deep Hot Pink
A Sparkly Hot Pink (to match my new perfume...)

I figure I should really do a Pink Mani for my Display Pic!

My new perfume is Vera Wang Pink Princess, after a little hint my boyf got it for our anniversary which I absolutely love! To me it smells sweet and fruity, or as the boyf says candy! Love it! This is going to join my must haves collection (next to Black XS Pacco Robanne and 1881 Cerruti.)

Please comment with any suggestions and follow, hope everyone is enjoying the sun!

World Peace .\/..

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