Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Budget Review: Miss Sporty Beetle Wings & Glossy Tech

Following on from my last post I managed to fit in time for a quick mani (but not time to post it haha), I'm going to a barbeque tonight so quite glad as I didn't get chance to touch my nails this weekend! I tried out the Metal Flip Beetle Wings and Glossy Tech Varnishes, keep reading to see how we got on...

This was the first layer of Beetle Wings, I think one coat it's fairly neutral and would be a nice nail varnish for girls that don't like IN YOUR FACE colours but still want to wear something on their nails...

Putting the second coat on and we've turned the heat up a bit, I'm thinking sexy pool side/holiday nails that would look great on a tan... On another note I really like the application brush, good coverage and not too big!

Once this was dry I decided to try out Glossy Tech. I was a bit nervous about how this cloudy looking formula would turn out but I'm pleasantly surprised. It hasn't changed the colour at all, just given it a high shine and the nails feel a bit thicker and more protected, but it doesn't look like Gel nails.

Below are two pics to try and catch the different colours...

There's a greeny gold colour, and an orangey brown colour...

I would strongly recommend either of these varnishes, I'm really happy with the results and don't really want to take it off to review Goth Me Up, can't stop staring at them!

Comments are welcome, please let me know what you thought of the review, whether you would buy these products etc...

World Peace .\/..


  1. This is one strong duochrome! :D Looks good, but I am not sure it would be my kinda color!

    1. Haha it totally enchanted me, used it again today when I was reviewing one of their nail effects!