Friday, 30 August 2013

Catch Up: Festival Nails, New Purchases and New Job.

Apologies, I've been a Naughty Blogger.

Yes I went and got the Neon Pink, Barry M Summer Limited Edition from Boots, but that isn't why I've been naughty....
I Neglected You poor darlings (the 9 of you there are following hahaha)! Sorry for that, my Nails have Also been very Neglected: this is the manicure I did for the SW4 Festival I went to Last Weekend!
It was great Wet on the Saturday but made up for with Lots of the Sun on Sunday...  This picture doesn't really do them any justice, but only picture I took before they got ruined... wahhh...

I have also started a New Job so to been able to blog during the day and been catching up with friends and family in the evening, Not giving me much Time to Blog, Buy or Polish... major sad face... anyway Thursday? No, Wednesday, I stopped by the little local Superdrug and picked up these Bad Boys. Was Gutted to Find out the Maybelline deal had finished in Superdrug.... Definitely going to miss working in town centre... I will have to make Special Journeys to pick up my nail varnishes. 

Barry M Indigo
Barry M Yellow Topaz Glitter
Barry M Bright Purple
(Review up tomorrow)

I'm hoping to Write and Schedule a lot of Posts this Weekend so keep watching dollface (Got my bf to watch chicken run on Monday!)...

 Anyway hope you like the festival nails, let me know what you think!

World Peace .\/...

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