Friday, 9 August 2013

The Perfectly Pink Mani!

Ah so I thought I needed to do something Pink for my Profile Pic, as I am the Pink PrincessZ! If you read my Sunday Experiments you'll see I found the perfect combo for my nails to suit my Vera Wang Pink Princess perfume!

 So I used MUA Deep Plum as the base for all my nails (2 coats) then did a top coat of  Barry M Magenta Glitter on all buy my index finger.

So I've seen this Two-Dot accent appearing on quite a lot of blogs, although it's normally Studs or smaller circles but I had to work with what I had, anyway I don't think the result is that bad  (admittedly I'm showing you the better hand haha!).
I used Barry M Nail Effects Gold and Essie Blanc to do the two accent dots. Anyway I really like it. I can't stop looking at this Mani, it's definitely something to do with the Magenta Glitter, my pictures don't really show it.. but it's sooo Eye Catching!

Anyway comments and followers always welcome, also open to suggestions on how to improve!
Hope everyone has a Great Weekend, I should be doing some more Experiments on Sunday so keep your eyes open!

World Peace .\/..


  1. Cute! <3 Love barry M glitter :)

    1. Thank you for commenting!
      The glitters are sooo good, I've been messing about with it a bit today, will be up in a post soon!