Thursday, 15 August 2013

Barbie on a Budget: Cheap Cheats, UK Bargains and Treat of the Week

It's Thursday, yay!
I ordered something last Thursday from the States hoping it would turn up this week... but it hasn't so you'll have to wait.
This week is about gradients, studs, discount polishes and beginners kits!
Cheap Cheats
Here is where I try and keep you On Trend for as Cheap as Possible; today we're doing Gradients! Gradients don't have to be colour co-ordinated, just pick three or more nail varnishes and apply to a sponge (see list below) before blending over your nails!

You can use a variety of sponges (or so I've heard) and here is the list:
- Foam Eyeshadow applicator (apply varnishes to the nail, then smudge with this)
- Old/new Make Up sponge
- Kitchen sponge

If your not familiar with the Technique please read my 11th August Sunday Experiments, or YouTube it! I'm willing to do a step by step picture guide if you ask nicely :)

Bargain of the week:
Topshop are sending me mixed messages with their prices... Anyway although some of their range seems completely over priced I really liked this Nail Art Wheel Of Studs

It's only £3.50 similarly priced to anything online, without the age long wait, and will add a bit of Rock'n'Roll glam to any Nail Polish you have!

Following on from the previous Bargain of the week I have done two Budget Buy reviews on Miss Sporty, which you can find further down on my blog...

Bargain Buys:
Nail Art Wheels - £3.50 each
Nail Glitters - £2.40 each (apart from Halo)
Essie Nail Polish - from £3.98
OPI Polishes - from £6.93

Loads of cheap accessories for nail art, but I can't recommend them as I haven't tried yet!

Can't see any change in Boots or Superdrug deals but here is a link to last weeks.

Treat of the week:
After having a nosy round the TopShop site I spotted this, which is a Perfect Kit for nail art beginners:

It's £10 (there is a £7 kit also available), which includes a dotting pen and several styles of brush to help you master your painting and keep them tidy!

Please comment if you have any questions or would like to see anything specific next week!

World Peace .\/..


  1. I love this post, and after reading your blog I have really enjoyed all the posts!
    I have added your page to my reading list!
    Keep blogging :)

    1. Awww thank you Sarah, good to know people are enjoying it!
      Just read through your blog, will be interesting to see where you take it :D