Saturday, 31 August 2013

Tehehe: Barry M Buys & Review

I <3 Barry M
It's that simple, I'm that sad.
Sorry to post the pic again but if you didn't see the Bad Boys I picked up Last Week:

 Ahhahhah..... Love this... Ok so this is 2 coats of the Bright Purple... Lovely Jubbly... Probably not as bright as you imagine but Gorgeous, Rich Colour as you can always expect from Barry M.

Glitter tips using the Yellow Topaz Glitter...
Accent Glitter Gradient... Tidy! as Keith would say.

 Now Indigo... I was looking for one of Barry M's bright blues to replace mine that has gone to Poo, couldn't find the exact one So I thought I would pick up this Sexy Mama... what a Sexy Mama... It's Midnight Blue with a Hint of Purple... I love it!

Glitter Tips again...

Accent Glitter Gradient...

Don't think the gradient was a good on the last one... But love these... Seriously if you can't tell How Excited I am I love these, can't wait to Show Them Off to other people... how sad.
Anyway let me know what you think! What's your Favourite Barry M Varnish?
World Peace .\/..

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