Sunday, 1 September 2013

1st September Sunday Experiments: Born Pretty Lucky Dip, Smokey Gradient and Holographic Polish

About 4 weeks back I ordered 2 Lucky Dip Bags, 1 Holographic Varnish and 1 Dotting Pen(cil) from the BornPretty website and they have finally turned up so I thought I would use them in my Sunday Experiments....
So the back row is for my Holographic Varnish, middle row is for the Smokey Gradient and bottom row is for the Born Pretty Lucky Dip Bag...

I was really excited Friday Night when the Varnish had finally turned up, and put it on one nail with out a base coat... It just sort of made my nail look dirty and was quite see through? So today I wanted to Mess About with a base coat and painting it onto some falsies...

This is 1 coat of each polish on the falsies and 2 coats of holographic varnish.

This is 1 coat  of silver nail rock with 2 of holographic, 3 coats of holographic on my finger and 3 on a falsie...
(I have tried putting the holographic over the silver on a real nail today, but it doesn't make much difference, looks much better on falsies IMO)
This is something I have been meaning to do for a while... A Smokey Gradient with the Miss Sporty Goth Me Up varnish. I only put 1 coat on of the coloured varnishes as it's an experiment...

I did a step by step gradient (apologies for mess they started cuddling). Above is the 1st Step.

2nd step.
 3rd and final step. I think this looks better on the pink and purple... I actually Quite Like It on the purple... I'm sure there is someway to tie it into a Sunset etc... Any ideas?

Born Pretty Lucky Dip!
I ordered 2 lucky dip bags, which were identical except for  the striping tape was different...

I got some water decals... Dior and Chanel... (lets call the silver Dior a learning curve...)
Then Red (or is it Pink) and Blue Striping Tape. I found this easy to do on falsies... but hats (haha originally put 'hands off') off to girls that do it on to their hands... Do you cut the strips off first?

I also got Hello Kitty stickers... I'm not a big fan... But this looked so cute!

 So That's It Folks hope you enjoyed and perhaps I have inspired you to mess about as well... Let me know what you think of the experiments and if you have Any Questions!

World Peace .\/..



  1. Hello Kitty is so cute, love that design :)

    1. Sorry for the delayed reply! I love hearing from people, just been so bad a blogging recently!
      I'm not normally a big fan of Hello Kitty but this is so girlie and cute haha I'm thinking of trying it on a black for a gig I'm going to on Sat - but I don't have a plain back varnish...!