Friday, 20 September 2013

6 Autumn Nail ArtDesigns!


So sadly Autumn is upon us but this does mean new fashion and nail polish releases!
I did some Summer Designs but I think I did around 27? So I never got all the way through doing them on my own nails but I have a different tactic this Autumn.

So if you want to see any of these in more detail keep reading!

1. Autumn Leaves
I have had this lovely rustic colour for ages, most brand do one similar, something with a bit more of a red or orange tint would look amazing... I like to think the designs are pretty self explanatory.

You need a 2 coat base of your rustic colour and then a glitter... I would probably do tips or a half way gradient with the glitter on most of the nails apart from the accent nails... but it's yours to wear so wear it how you like!

2. Coffee Blend
So when I sketched this out I didn't own a 'Beige' but I've picked up the Barry M Gelly Lychee which I would use for this one.... A nice blend starting with a dark tip working through creamy coffee colours!

3. Fall
So this was another leaf one, you know when you get the piles of leaves everywhere with all the different colours - a good use of any bright summer colours you might have bought... It would probably look better with fewer dots on the way up the side!
4. Dancing in the Dark
So this is a bolder design for clubbing, you don't need to use a holographic varnish but this is what I have chosen... A pale metallic or silver would also look good for this design... These V shaped stickers are fairly easy to pick up, normally if you get a fake nail kit from Poundland or Wilko's there will be some in there... If not go to Superdrug!
5. Quilted
Get your Matte Coats on! The idea is simple... how well it will actually work we will find out on Sunday but I loved the idea of this... Using a base colour of what ever takes your fancy apply 2 coats and leave to dry... Once dry use a detail brush and a matte coat to create the quilting lines... Using a tape measure might be good so that you have straight lines!

6. Ms Sophisticated
So I think this is sophisticated... It's sophisticated by my standards that's for sure anyway again you need your Chevron or V stickers... You need to do the nail in nude, the tip in black and then you can have a white or gold divide... as you so wish!
So I hope that you like the look of these manicures and try them out yourselves... If you do get in touch and show me a pic! You can find me on Facebook...
Let me know what you think of the designs and if you'd be interested in seeing some more on the blog!
World peace .\/..


  1. Oh flip, what a fantastic idea - I've toyed with writing down some of my ideas but nothing as organised as this - I'm definitely going to try out your "quilted" idea. I'll link back to you!

    1. Thanks for your comment <3
      And please do! I've tried (I think it's under one of my Sunday Experiments) and it's horrible... I have another idea for how but going to tie it in with another post I need to get writing! x

  2. This is a very clever way of planning and recording your manicures! I think I need to try this!

    1. Thanks for the comment doll!
      It helps me visualise sometimes... I have some Halloween designs up today as well but they aren't as neat as these! :S x