Monday, 23 September 2013

The 6 Autumn Nail Designs: Applied to Falsies

So my paper paintings of these nails didn't really do them justice I thought I would spend a bit of time this week doing them up for you...

1) Autumn Leaves...

2) Coffee Blend: So I had to paint some black on the tip between my blending layers to make it dark enough and I was originally envisaging more beige but I really like this colour, makes me want to put a thick Winter Jumper on!
3) Fall

 4) Dancing in the dark: My photo doesn't do the holo tip justice...

5) Quilted: I wanted this design to be flatter really... as I said yesterday in the Sunday Experiments I need to get a decent detail brush which I will get next week! Eeee.... Pay Check...

Anyway this was just a piccie post to show, ended up with word vomit as per, hope you liked!!!
World Peace .\/..


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    1. Haha I just can't help myself - sorry for not replying sooner I'm being dragged all over the place at the moment with no time to blog :( waahhh xxx