Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Catch Up & Blog Plans

Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone is well, apologies if you have made effort to visit recently as I know their has been a lack of posting I just started a new job and then have been on holiday which consisted of building lots of IKEA furniture with my boyfriend and a weekend away in Devon which was soooo nice!

Anyway enough of the mushy stuff... I haven't been buying any new nail varnish as I need a new handbag... Hence the lack of Monday Buys! Considering this one... really want a MKors bag though :(

My Plans:
1) Liebster Nomination Awards - so I have had a few nominations, I need to write this post up... I suppose I am meant to answer everyones questions - this will be my next post with a list of nail blogs I think y'all should be visiting!

2) Autumn Nail Art - I will sketch up and fill out some Autum Nail Art Designs so that people can try them out - I'm not sure that I will try to paint them all out as this uses a lot of nails... Wahhh...

3) Give Away - When my Facebook page gets to 50 likes, https://www.facebook.com/ThePinkPrincessZ , I will be doing a small give away hopefully before Christmas...! There will be a mini hamper for the main prize then a couple of runner up prizes.

4) Weekly Articles:
Barbie on a Budget - it does sort of get harder and harder to write this one but seems very popular!
Regular Review - I want to review a new varnish every week... for your benefit... not my varnish collection... really it's for your benefit!
Sunday Experiments - I love messing about and getting new ideas!

That's about it... Just slipped in the picture of the mani I did for holiday, hope you like!
Boring I know! Exciting stuff is back soon!
Please comment if there is anything else you would like to see happen on the blog and I can include it into some plans, being the Pink Princess maybe I should post a Pink design once a week? What are your thoughts?

World Peace .\/..

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