Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Models Own Fruit Pastel Review: Strawberry Tart and Grape Juice *Scented Polishes*

So if you couldn't tell from my Barbie on a Budget last week I was Mega Excited about these scented nail polishes... they were the bargain buy of the week 2 for £8... Which might not be the cheapest but did I mention... THEY'RE SCENTED!!!
I have never used Models Own before so was also interested to find out what their polishes were like...

The picture above is 2 layers of Grape Juice, I would say out of 2 this was the better polish as it had a even spread and is a lovely colour... Just want to Warn People - Don't try and Sniff your nails Before the paint is Dry, it smells mostly like normal nail varnish till it's dry haha!
2 layers of Strawberry Tart: Now this is a Lovely Shade, it's a Yummy Smell (if a bit sweet... it's Not a Nice Application and I hate being negative, but I just didn't agree with it... again maybe it was because I didn't use a base coat... but it Was Streaky. Even with 2 layers. now Grape Juice was a bit sketchy on application, but it managed to sort itself out with  2nd layer...
Don't really know what else to say... I love the colours, I love the idea and it worked out fine on the Grape Juice but not on Strawberry Tart. I don't know whether this is a Models Own thing, or down to a different mix which gives the varnishes there scent....
If you want a Talking Point or fancy picking up something a bit Gimmicky I'd go for this!

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