Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Halloween Ideas...

I was really un inspired the other day so I thought if I did some Halloween Nails it might kick start me in the right direction. I really like Bewitched and Pumpkin Patch - Will probably be doing bewitched as I am a sucker for Navy and Gold combos...

The idea is to have the Witches Silhouette (Bundle Monster StampAgainst the Moon - all other nails should look like the Night's Sky ;) awww...
(I used an MUA midnight blue and Barry M - Yellow Topaz)

If you can't do chevrons' but have a thin nail art brush you an do sets of fangs on each nail, I just thought this was a fairly bold and clean design and people could add their own detail :D

The Cauldron - the idea is to Water-Marble with some Halloween Colours to look like some Icky Spell Potion... I cannot water marble for my life... and once the water marbling is done and dry do the Tip Matte Black... to look like a cauldron! Tada!
(I know what you're thinking... I'm so clever! Totes true...)

 Haha OMG you can tell it was a Sunday... "Looks greate..." Spelling doesn't! This is a Halloween Waterfall - Halloween isn't all about green sparkles and purples and blues and reds are really good Halloween colours too and would look equally good on something like this! 

I've done these before but so simple, easy and great for Halloween!
I have seen a couple more brands bring out Smokey Top Coats... might satisfy my curiosity soon as they're starting to come in a Range of Colours?!

This is For the Cutsie/Preppy Girls that don't want anything dark or too ugly on their nails.
Keeping it light with a neutral back ground and some bright pumpkins :)
(I used my dotting pencil for the pumpkins)
And this is a little piccie of my kitty!
(Waiting to get her nails done obvs...)

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