Thursday, 20 June 2013

Summer Fashion: Where is the Yellow?

Bright colours are in, yay! But I've got a real crush with canary yellow and lemon at the moment. There are a few bags out there but it is a night-mare colour co-ordinating with any shoes, unless they are highheels, which I don't wear to work and I wouldn't want to drive in...

So where is all the yellow? I have seen some pumps in the Office sale that are really cute in the sale, but I am stuck on the hand bags. If you know any shops sharing my yellow love affair please

Today I have just bought some yellow Barry M - Station Road but it's a textured effect which I stupidly didn't realise before purchasing. I also picked up a Gelly Pink to qualify for a Limited Edition Neon Green :)

So tonight I am going to pick up some Bourjois yellow Nail varnish and do with white caviar tips or might do some daisy's! I will post the nail art tonight or tomorrow but in the mean time leave me a comment and let me know what colour your in love with this summer!

World Peace .\/..

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