Monday, 24 June 2013

23rd June - Sunday Experiments

Sunday the day of the rest -  I just wanted to mess about and find the best way to create effects for some of my Summer Designs.

This is me messing about for the No 13 - Strawberries and Cream Summer Nail Design. The pink is cute and girlie, but I think I need to make the 'Seeds' a bit smaller as it looks like a Mr Blobby Nail!
The red is a bit harsh, so am going to riffle through my collection and try and find something a bit less harsh... Let me know what you think? My mum thought it was the perfect colour...
Or maybe I should try a neon pink...?
Follow me to see the end result and comment below with your opinion!
This is me playing about with the Barry M Croc Effect in Burgundy. I feel a bit cheated really, it's just like the Gold Crackle they do, without the texture, and it looks nothing like the design on the lid. Present day I'm sure they could scan the effect and then pretty it up?
I do really like it over the white (Essie Blanc) but it doesn't sit well on top of the greens, which was the idea for Martini Nails...
What's your favourite? Do you like the effect?
Comment below and let me know what you think.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, try and resist those Monday blues!

World Peace .\/..


  1. Glad to see Essie Blanc is working well for you! I just recently found it myself and I have been using it for almost every manicure! Haha!

    I actually like the Croc effect over yellow, I think that it looks like the bottle there! Much nicer than a crackle effect in my opinion!

    1. I don't know whether there's a 'technique' involved but it worked well as a tip on the Essie blank.

      Gunna have to get tanning to pull the white mani off!