Friday, 21 June 2013

15 Summer Nail Art Designs

Got home last night and couldn't find the nail caviar, so I'm currently wearing the 'Neon Party' (design 2) base waiting to add detail for night out tomorrow!

I was planning to do Bumble Bee nails (design 1), but in the mean time I have sketched out some Summer Designs that might inspire you, feel free to use! I will hopefully be bringing some of these creations to life this weekend...

My question for bloggers today is what White Nail Varnish do you recommend?
Please comment and let me know your recommendations and let me know which designs you like!

World Peace .\/..

(P.S Sorry for shadows!)


  1. Lately I have been using Essie Blanc as my white base - it's perfect and opaque in two coats! Can't wait to see the bumblebee design on the nails!

    1. Haha, just went and asked you about this on you Neon Cabachon Ring article :)
      Yeah my house is gunna smell by a salon at the weekend...
      Picking up the caviar from my friends tonight so should have a picture up by Sunday latest!