Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Short Train of Thought: Is pink hair taccy?

So I declare myself a Pink Princess, but my hair is not pink and whilst I remain pretty faithful to pink varnish or the french manicure I like to change my nail colour a lot.

Would I be willing to dye my hair pink though? If I love pink that much? I always have a fear that it would come out looking really taccy.

Some one like Nicki Minaj can rock the pink hair, but she's an entertainer and she's meant to have bold looks, I think I might get a few looks walking down the highstreet if my hair was bubblegum pink.*

My main concern would be professional, how many people would take you seriously in an office/business environment if you had candy coloured hair. 

Let me know what you think and whether you have ever been discriminated against for having a bold look...!

World Peace .\/..

*I would also get looks if I wore her outfits down the highstreet, but I would love that on a nightout!


  1. I'd love to dye my hair blue, or even blue and purple... However, I gues I will never do so. I work in a law firm and most of the manicures I'd love to wear are banned. I get it, I need to inspire trust and maybe that wouldn't be fitting. But I feel like I am disguised every day, and that is sad, right? If you don't have to see clients every day, I'd say go for it, really. At least once in your lifetime. And besides, when are you going to do it? At 40 it would be WAY more shocking than now...

    1. Haha well, I'm only a 20 and I work as a PA in a design agency, but I like to look professional and my concern is if I move industry, but like you say it depends whether I would be front of house or not!
      And I completely understand what you mean about the manicures, I've sketched a load (15 nail designs is another post) and I'm thinking people can't really wear half of these in an office! :(