Tuesday, 18 June 2013

About the blog and a question for visitors?

So I have just started the blog today, and what kind of blog will this be I hear you ask.

Hopefully short, sweet and filled with anecdotes, my trains of thought, comments on news items, some of my whacky dreams and if anyone gets curious enough I guess I'll answer questions...

So I have started off by following 4 fellow 'Princess' bloggers and will continue to scour high and wide for Princess bloggers as there's got to be more than 4... surely? and I want to read and be read by like-minded people, but I have noticed they review quite a lot of things... which I probably won't do 'cause I'm far too chatty.

Anybody girly, or with opinion and wit I will probably follow you too and I appreciate  anybody commenting on my blog posts.

Anyway, being new I have a question how did you all grow your followers and how do you pick who to follow?

World Peace .\/.. 

(One of the first Pink Roses from my mums garden this year)

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