Wednesday, 26 June 2013

No. 9 - Blingy Thing Summer Design ++ Old Leopard Print

?Short post about design No.9 Blingy Thing, I did this design ages ago for the first time I went to Ministry of Sound in London.

As neon is in this summer this really suits the party girls, if you want to tone it down you could take off the diamantes or only have one nail with stripes. I think I used a Miss Sporty varnish for the pink and a detail brush that was already in white varnish (don't know which brand); My green nail in Neon Party was meant to come out more like this.

(Apologies for the  gloomy pics, on my old phone)

Above is my hand detailed leopard print that I also did, haven't posted as a summer design because it's so over done but I hope you appreciate my use of more neutral colours!

My challenge for tonight is deciding on a design for my nails before heading Up North to meet the better half's family, definitely going out Saturday and potentially on Friday but undecided on what nails todo!

Take a look at my summer designs and suggest one for the weekend and let me know what you think about design No.9!

World Peace .\/..

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