Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Princess-ism - A brief intro to me!

OK, hands up I'm not a real Princess, I've just adopted it myself, even my dad didn't call me princess (not that I minded, I was a right tomboy)! I use to hate pink until I realised it's the most soft, warm and inviting colour in the planet (apart from a deep rich purple)!

I would also be a major embarrassment to any royal family if I was a Princess, I'm still fine tuning the Ladies etiquette; however the things that do make me a princess are the Tiara on my desk (which was a deal breaker), the fact my boyfriend calls me Princess, my Pink Tiara at home (or should I say palace).

So that's how I chose my name, I am not the only Pink Princess apparently, but I like to think I'm unique!

Anyway I hope you liked my brief intro and will carry on reading my blog,  it's mainly going to be nail art/polish etc etc... but I'm sure I will have the occasional out burst on another topic!

World Peace  .\/..

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