Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Stamping: A Quick How To Guide

Alot of people ask me how stamping works when they haven't done it before or haven't used a MoYou plate.

You should have a stamping plate, stamper, special polish, scrapper, nail varnish remover, cotton ball and cotton bud with nail varnish remover on; then follow this sequence:
1. Paint the area/icon you want with a special stamping or thick polish.

2. Scrape quickly across the painted section of the plate at a 45 degree angle.

3. Stamp your rubber stamper firmly across the image.

4. Quickly Clean Up any excess design or paint off of your rubber using the cotton bud.
5. Transfer the image on to your nail by gently but firmly rolling it.
You need to be ready, quick and firm when stamping. You should clean the plate, scraper, and stamp using a cotton ball after each individual stamp to make sure it works properly next time.
Stamping can take a while to pick up but the better your tools the easier it is. I recommend Konad (who  sell the polishes too) or MoYou.
Peace and Love xxx
(P.S apologies for the dodgey photo's did this rather quickly!)

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