Saturday, 9 November 2013

Poundland Stamping Kit Review - Bargain!!!

So earlier today I had to nip into Poundland for Operation Christmas Child and I spotted a wide variety of nail things I wanted to buy but settled for these two...

Stamping plate and 3d bling (best way I could think of describing it)!

Here is the review of the Stamping Kit...

The plate is actually Pretty Good!
 Especially if you're using a proper stamping polish like one of Konad's Special polishes. 
(It does help to get the design the right way round!)
My index and thumb are me experimenting with different polishes - they didn't come out very well but they were fine picking up and transferring so that's the polishes not the plate.
My only concern is they're not selling a stamping polish. 
I'm at my mums today and haven't bought along my whole polish collection but my Konad stamping colours seem to be doing best over a coat of Cosmo Berry.
If you're buying this plate from Poundland because you're on a budget - make sure you have a thicker polish for the stamping - or a pale base colour!

 For a quid... definitely worth a buy! 


  1. Cool, I've not seen stamping plates in poundland before, gonna have to check them out. Which stamping polishes do you use?

    1. Hello! I know, the new one near me is pretty big!
      In here I have used the Konad White Special Polish which is designed for stamping, I also have the black but haven't ordered anymore - part of my Christmas wish list.
      I have used one of my old Blue Barry M varnishes before that had gone a bit stodgey, that seemed to work well!
      Thanks for your comment xx