Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Essies After School Boy Blazer

I picked this out as the new posh midnight blue for my polish collection and it's darker than expected.

It's black with a tone of blue but a bit darker than I was expecting.
My application is 2 layers, it had a few bobbles in, not sure why... I think I'm gunna try it out on some falsies!

Hate to say I'm not as sold on this as I am on Jam n Jelly and I do love a dark blue. Do you have any suggestions?

Love n Peace


  1. It's kind of difficult to see this as anything other than black.. a bit like Nails Inc Motcomb Street. I'm undecided on that too... It might pop out if you use it on some nail art over white, perhaps?

    1. Good idea - I'm going to do some white stamping over it tonight as well...
      It's so hard to try and get a picture of it as well but that is pretty much what it looks like haha :(