Thursday, 21 November 2013

Moon Sugar Decals: Cute designs, Easy Application!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Moon Sugar Decals over in America to try out some of their goodies.
They specialise in  water decals  and have a loads of different topics on the website - they can even do Custom Designs!
Me being me of course I ordered the Christmas Goodies...
I did a Gradient of white and silver as my base mani and decide to only use one decal per finger
(The Christmas Challenges are approaching...)
These are the water decals you Cut Out Around the Design, wet it and the transfer comes away from the card. You then put the transfer where you want on the finger, let it dry for a couple of seconds and cover with a top coat. Application was Easy.
Gutted I have only just heard of them as their Halloween and Autumn decals were really cool. Worth noting that the Christmas sheet also includes Baubles, Candy Canes, Reindeer etc that you can't see on my  nails.
A link to the website can be found at the top of the post!
What do you think? Tempted?
Can't wait to use the rest of these in my Christmas Challenges!


  1. Christmas decals - that sounds like a really easy way of creating cool Christmas manicures without loads of fiddly art. I think I may need to get some of these. (When No-Polish November is over, obvs.)

    1. No polish November? Is this a money saving scheme? If so there need to be more months beginning with N! Xx

    2. I spent WAY too much money on polish in October so it's a way of curbing my addiction! It has been hard but worth it, I think. :p Any month would do, but it's worked out pretty well that November has an N in it. x

    3. I am literally so excited for Christmas - I think I have a lot of polishes coming my way... mwhaha!