Monday, 4 November 2013

Essie Essie Essie - Jam N Jelly Review

OK so while there was the 3 for 2 Offer on at SuperDrug I got myself a couple of Essie Polishes and the rest went into The Awesome Christmas Clutch (Go enter if you haven't already!).
This is Jam n Jelly. It's a New Fave of mine. Although it was a Tough Choice picking out of all the pinks that Essie have...

It's Beautiful, I don't think I could ever pin point why but it's a Damn Good Pink!
Easy to Apply with the wide brush and I have used 2 Coats in my pictures.
Some people may want to use a Glossy Top Coat as it doesn't look very Gelly.

I think it really suit's the Asian Designs on my Suki MoYou Plate, really good contrast and I will be using it in plenty of my experiments: Gradients/Matte/Gloss/Stamping...
Will hate to take it off but I should show off the other varnishes too...
Haha just kidding I love it!
What do you think? Too Garish or are you Head over Heels?
Peace & Love .\/..


  1. My weakness is electric blue and bold bright pinks. This one is awesome. Defo head over heels :) x

    1. Mmmm I need an electric blue, my old ones gone a bit stodgey - but good for stamping with, picked up Barry M Teal this weekend, I just don't have enough nails haha x