Monday, 11 November 2013

Barry M Swatch - Cosmo Berry - Mmmmm....

Before you say anything... I know I need a Light Box, I have asked for one for Christmas, only like 54 days to go or something.
Anyway this is Barry M Cosmo Berry 1 layer:
This first layer was a bit patchy after using the thick Essie Brushes it was weird to use a thinner brush!

And this is 2 coats:
This picture is a tad more blue than the other one but it did go a really dark lovely colour and it covered up the patchiness in layer 1.
I am a sucker for dark purple and this is a Lovely Colour. Perfect for Autumn and Winter...
I did some white stamping but warm colours work best with this kind of purple; Studs or a Glitter gradient would look Totes Amaze.

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