Saturday, 9 November 2013

Stamping Plate Review: MoYou Suki Colletion 01 Nom... Nom... Nom...

The amount of people commenting on my nails this week says it all.
This is the MoYou Suki Collection 01 Plate.
After every mani this week I have tried to stamp different bits of the plate - some more successfully than others due to the cack-handiness of my left hand (don't worry I only did this once!).

There are a Couple More Bits I still need To Do like the eyes of the big owl, a couple of smaller birds and the tigers head.
But I love this plate. It only cost a 5er and took a few weeks to deliver with Free Shipping.
It's Beautiful, Affordable and Easy to stamp with - Well done MoYou.
What do you guys think? Have you got a MoYou plate?
Peace and Love .\/..


  1. I bought 8 of these and, just, wow. I love them all so much, but the biker mural plate makes me crazy happy. I was literally jumping up and down when I opened it : D

    1. Haha I was jumping up and down too, my bf and his dad thought I was nuts!!!