The Awesome Christmas Clutch

Go Go Go Ladies & Gents!

You now have till the 29th of November to enter the raffle for this Awesome Christmas Clutch:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
It includes:
1x MoYou Festive Plate
1x Stamping Rubber and Scraper (With 2 sizes)
1x Essie Blanc
1x Essie Liquorice
1x Essie Styleonomics (The truest green they had I thought)
1x Essie Russian Roulette
1x Barry M Instant Nail Effects Gold Foil

This is a UK giveaway sorry to anyone overseas and best of luck to anyone who enters!

Love and Peace .\/..


  1. My why I want to win is a plain and simple, I am confused by the MoYou full plate images and how you would a choose a section and be what section would look good stamped on my nails

    1. Hard to find a section on a MoYou plate which isn't good to stamp with!
      Good luck Heather! x

  2. Who wouldnt want to win a bunch of cool prizes?! :D

    1. I'm annoyed I can't take part aha xx Good luck hun! x

  3. thanks for hosting the giveaway ,cool prizes love the stamping plate dont have anything like it

  4. Awesome giveaway :) I have never tried Essie Nail Polish xx

  5. I love everything in this giveaway - Essie polishes and MoYou plates are two things I haven't tried but would dearly love to! Thanks!