Sunday, 7 December 2014

Nail Polish Advent Calendar - Avon Pink - Dec 5th

A little late with this post (but did you honestly expect any better from me?) But this is window 3, Dec 5th!

(As you can see we have a breaker on the way Ring Finger!)

It's a baby pink which I am always dubious about but....
 I was impressed. It was opaque!

Completely Opaque two coats but I was so happy, I love a good baby pink and think it might be a new favourite! 

The application was a lot more even than Sea Breeze although there still was some bobbling... Luckily a coat of favourite top polish Seche Vite ironed out all of the bobbles!

It was a little bit taccy (touch wise) so this is a good varnish for when you have plenty of chill time.
Very happy! What's your favourite baby pink?

Peace & Love,
Princess Z xxx

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