Sunday, 7 December 2014

Nail Polish Advent Calendar - Avon Coral Reef - Dec 7th

December 7th, we're almost a third of way through the wait! (If you're a saddo like me).

This is a bit of a Punchy Colour, as a general rule I am all the wrong shades of Pale to rock!
But it is a Very Jolly ...

colour and the application was much more even than the pastle colours.

This is a two coater...
and is touch dry very quickly but don't be decieved it is still impressionable!

I thought I had avoided the bobbling but it crept up on me in the end. I guess it is just me! But Seche Vite normally does the trick ;-)

Hope you like the review. Posting more soon!

Peace and love
Princess Z x

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