Thursday, 4 December 2014

Nail Polish Advent Calendar - Avon Sea Breeze - Dec 3rd

So the polish I got yesterday was Sea Breeze from the Nailwear Pro+ collection.
It's a pastel green, not quite mint but would look great as a background colour for some pattern stamping.

Keep reading to see how it went...

I have however had a couple of problems with the application,  last night it started bobbling at the first application so I discussed with some fellow bloggers.

You normally get this bobbling when there is oil on your nails, peeling or you have applied layers to quickly in succession. To give it a fair chance I took it all off and did it again tonight...

I have to stay I am still not happy with the application,  it maybe down to the formula for this colour or the batch but it is a bit stodgy and hard to get even application!

I have left quite a while between my first and second coat but it hasn't sried properly either.
Quite surprised as Mondays polish was very easy going!  I guess I will have to open more to come test for consistency ;-)

Do you have any remedies for bobbles? Let me know!
Peace and love
Princess Z

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