Sunday, 9 March 2014

Loving Nails - Stamping with Bundle Monster BM11♡

Going out for my mums Birthday dinner I wanted something fairly sophisticated but cutsie so...

For the sophisticated touch I opted for a Red from No.7 and then choose this really cute design out of my Bundle Monster pack Plate BM11 for 2 accent nails. I then did a Barry M Red Glitter topcoat on the other nails...

I think I have finally got better at stamping Although one or two nails might be a bit dodgey... but I think I was actually pressing the stamping rubber down to hard on the plate so it was squishing the polish out rather than picking it up!

I've been a bit busier recently with various projects non nail related but I am hoping to do more short but sweet posts like this, showing you stamping plates and giving you ideas.

Hope you're well.
Peace and Love Z .\/..

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