Thursday, 13 March 2014

Birthday Mani - Shany Cosmetics Stamping - SH52, SH07

So this was a super quick mani I did for my Birthday last Wednesday... It was my 21st if you couldn't tell!

So this was using a Barry M Polish Berry IceCream I got from the girls at work and a Shany Stamping Set from one of my bezzies...


I really love the Geometric Design, it's from a brand called Shany, plate SH25 and the numbers come from SH07. Not too sure how I feel about the Numbers as they remind me of an American Football Jersey? But I did really like this mani.

I think that the Geometric shapes would look at lot Better on a Neon Colour so I will be retrying this out at some point, I really like that pattern though! I will do a post about my Birthday goodies soon!  

Peace and Love, Z .\/..

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