Monday, 10 March 2014

Barry M Silk - Mist Review & Shany Cosmetics SH01 Plate

So my blogger has been playing me up, so the next few posts will be out of sequence.

Anyway this is the Barry M Silk - Mist.
I really like blue's and as far this goes it is beautiful and rich? in a weird sort of way, I'm not sure how a baby blue can be rich, but it is it's Elegant...

Essentially it is a Matte Metallic, I don't have many (if any) metallic in my collection so haven't played around using a Matte top coat, but I think this is Worth a Purchase on colour alone.

My only problems with it would be Application, this is the second time painting it, and if I was going out out I would probably have waited to put a third coat on top as it is still a bit patchy in places...

and below is a picture of some me having a quick mess around with Shany cosmetics SH01 plate...

I have been Really Impressed with these plates, sorry for the reflection from the flash, the designs are lovely and crisp and clear when you can see them. I am more of a whole nail kinda girl so can't wait to get stamping with those plates.

Stay tuned for more stamping (in better quality)

Peace and love .\/..


  1. That is a lovely elegant colour. It's giving Meadow from the collection a run for it's money! I might just have to get that, also brilliant swatches. :)

    1. Thank you doll, I had to delete that last post, been having a right mare with my blogger this evening.

      I have some better swatches coming up, but thank you for your kind words anyway!

      Hope you're good x

  2. lovely look :)

  3. So glad to see you "back in the game" as it were. Great job on the stamping! Love that plate!

    1. Aww thanks chick, the photos really don't do these pictures justice, omg the manicure I did last night, won't be up for a couple of weeks but pretty damn cool if I say so myself!