Friday, 5 July 2013

No. 4 - Cobalt Clash Summer Nail Art Design

Apologies for the roughness, I had to take my Lemonade Crush nails off last night, and just wanted my nails covered while I was at work so I picked one of my plain(ish) manicures the Cobalt Clash.

I decided on Cobalt Clash after reading an article in LOOK magazine at the gym, very in touch with this summers fashion, bright clashing colours. For people that don't want anything to fussy or stand-outish I think this is a great mani and obviously really simple!

I have used Deep Plum by MUA - I'm not sure whether they still do this colour, as you can tell by the picture it's one of their old bottles. And I used a Barry M Blue (Name to be inserted) for the cobalt.
I haven't added polka dots yet; I will edit this and add another pic once I am fully decided.

Do you think it's a good summer mani? Comment below and let me know!

World Peace .\/..

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