Thursday, 20 November 2014

Avon Radiant Rose Stardust Review & Swatch

Soon party season will be upon us and Avon have launched a new range of varnies called Stardust. Their are about 7 different colours and this swatch shows 2 coata of Radiant Rose which is the pink colour!

So it's a glittery texture with a nice punchy colour. This might sound a bit odd but I think this varnish looks better on shorter nails (I really don't like textures on long nails, looks a bit odd for some reason.)

Read on for more...

The picture is of 2 coats. I would leave a couple hours between applying the first and second coat as it comes across touch dry pretty quickly, but when ever I have put the second coat on quickly it goes into that stodgy state where you leave your finger prints in?

Love the colour as it packs a punch, is bright but also warm so doesn't look garish on those of us who are much paler!

Hope you like the swatch, let me know if you have any questions!

Peace and love, Z x

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