Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Just because I haven't posted for ages I thought I'd let you konow what I got for Christmas/what you can expect to see appearing on the blog! (When I get back into it).

I didn't get as much varnish as I was expecting but I still got a pretty good haul! Here's the list:
From my Bro and his Gf I got:
 x2 Top Shop Varnish,
x2 Nail art packs with glitter and gems and stick-ons
x2 No7 Varnishes.

From Santa/Inlaws I got:
A Rio Pro Nail art Kit; 8 varnish colours with a combi pen/brush lid & dvd of design so wait for a review.

From girlie Sarah I got:
x1 set of invouge nail polishes - a silver & red suede effect and a liquid metal greeny/teal
x1 set of pink caviar which was in support of breast cancer!

I'm debating what to spend in the sales on varnish, if anything at all as I am now saving for a wedding!!! house and a trip (eventually) to Australia... and I wasn't going to by myself anything till my Birthday, but I would quite like some more stamping plates.... x My other idea was to give my better half £15 a month and he has to buy something nail related - without any input from me! x

What did you guys get?

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  1. The nail art kit does look pretty cool! Any chance of a review of it in the future? :)